Galactic Summer

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the big change in our galaxy – What is a Galactic Summer?


Watch out! The biggest change on our planet comes from outer space – Our Galaxy controls the „growing of earth“ and the weather

In this section you will learn that our galaxy, is changing our climate even more than we ever believed. And you will learn that the greatest climate change on our planet always comes from the clouds. Read carefully: This happens mostly when they are „missing“ in the sky. The Goldständer-Reader learns now how things really are. Take it literally in future: climate change is caused only by the density of the clouds and the sun is more active, less cosmic radiation reaches the Earth. This logically leads to a decrease in cloud density.

We can already distinguish between different types of clouds: There are clouds which reflect the sun’s rays, and some can absorb. This new mechanism, we now understand. The last 25 years, however, was tried with all the CO2 lie to explain. Forget it! It is the element carbon, the C14 directly by the cosmic radiation is formed. And the sun controls the climate to the cosmic radiation and their influence on cloud formation. Many testify to this historical data and the facts can no longer be ignored. Please go back with Goldständer in the history of the earth and learn that it was always warmer at high solar activity on Earth. 300 years ago, for example the sun was still less active. They called this time the „little ice age“. It was very cold in many parts of the world. About 1000 years ago, however, the sun came out even before the current activities of our time. At that time it was almost warm everywhere on Earth. Greenland was green in this time and many parts iceless. Watch the film and learn more. You will learn that the warming on earth is caused by the sun.

60 to 70 percent of the earth are always covered by clouds

The clouds are not the result of the climate, but the climate is a result of the cloud density. The clouds themselves are always controlled by cosmic rays. On the basis of new scientific results have been found in the missing information. To the great surprise, it was found that the cosmic rays impacting particularly on the lower cloud layers. And so it is: that means with fewer clouds in the deep regions, the temperature rises on the ground. Likewise, it was found that indeed in this event, only the lower cloud layer is affected. The lower layers have the task of providing the cooling effect, and as they throw back the sunlight into space. The whiter the clouds, the stronger the reflection. The earth will also decrease as the warmer, the more the density of the lower layer. Our atmosphere and our clouds are formed from aerosol particles.This is important to know. Because with the new scientific work has been shown that the galactic cosmic radiation is capable of the aerosols (suspended particles) to modulate – and thus also has the lower cloud layer, which as mentioned already have a cooling effect on the earth. Explanation: The cosmic rays produce small ions that contribute to the formation of aerosols, when they are coming on earth. So it’s a fallacy to believe that there is water in the atmosphere, including clouds and thus must give. Clouds can form in reality only when water vapor accumulates on aerosol particles. Every cloud droplets formed what is needed for such a condensation nucleus raining out. It was also observed: at high solar activity even fewer cosmic rays entering the atmosphere. This means that the solar magnetic field increases in these activities in such a high mass, so that the cosmic particles is even more difficult to penetrate effectively into our system.

The cosmic rays outside our solar system is increasing

Even more when they leave our milky way in the darkness of space. Within 250 million years ago our solar system travels in a circuit through our galaxy. This is called the „galactic year“ (Goldständer-Tipp: Look at Wikipedia, for here is some claimed that a galactic year will have to do with an extinction of species. Even use the keyword mass extinction or mass die offs). Our galaxy ist traveling in space in the spiral arms of our galaxy. The temperatures on our planet in spiral arms is colder, while traveling outside the spiral arms they are „hotter“. Now it is clear that there was a plausible time on earth, where dinosaurs basking in the sun in the antarctic. About 70 million years ago we started our own solar system, the „Sagittarius-Spiral-Arm“ to pass through. Because of the many stars in this arm, the earth itself was exposed to a higher cosmic radiation, so it came to increased cloud formation and hence the climate became colder on earth. Later formed from layers of ice and water on the earth had thus the opportunity to multiply. About 450 million years ago, it was also colder than today, and the CO2 content in the soil was approximately 10 times higher. This means CO2 could never be a real climate driver.

Question to Goldständer: Why is it so warm? And why it does not snowing?

The solar system including earth is currently on their journey in our Milky Way between two galatical arms. Logically, its getting warmer. It is the „Galactic Year“ in which we are born right now. It is more raining than snowing. Accept this cycle. When the earth passes through a spiral arm again, it is logically colder. Remember: cosmic radiation generated aerosol particles. The links are now easy to recognize the fact.

Please connect the dots for yourself and learn more in this film

The secret of the clouds – Part 1


The effect of the sun and the cosmic rays – Part 2


And now Goldständer comes to the point and the core of all statements

Other conclusions

First – The circle is complete, the Galactic Summer is already visible now. We are in change! THIS IS THE CHANGE – Its getting warmer. It’s even more raining and not snowing anymore.

Second – The earth shall ever further out of the Galactic arm and is therefore more vulnerable.This has the consequence that we are getting more cosmic rays.

Third – The temperature on Earth and in the soil increases. That means there is more heat, expansion and volcanic eruptions. Anyone who paid attention in school: When you are heating things, they stretch out.

4th The earth is forced to grow. Everything is forced to grow in our galaxy. Learn more in the red line (many things explained in English – thank you Nasim Haramein, thank you Neal Adams) Our solar system is now born in the „galactic summer.“ Its a long process. One reason why it is not snowing, and even more raining – the CO2 around the world will be raising. And the oceans becomes more acidic. The nature is totally changing in this cycle.


The time history of atmospheric carbon dioxid  (800.000 years ago to future 2012)

learn more at: Noah

5th The galactic cycle of growth proves that with the growth of the earth also always produce more water, and clouds are formed more too.

6th The Sun is changing its chemical system in the galactic summer too. Look in the sky. The sun is getting even more brighter and its getting hotter. Everything changes in the universe – everything expands.

7th The earth does not set. It grows even more, the more it dissolves from a galactic arm. And our planet can not be flooded, because two elements in parallel multiply. (extension and more water). The water level only can fluctuate. Occasionally, in this expansionprocess „vulnerable“ countries complain by massive floods. See the Philippines, India,Pakistan, etc. – please read the thread in the golden line (many things explained in English) and make a picture of yourself,whats happening from last year until now!

8th The earth and the planets in our solar system are therefore forced to convert all. They spread out all. Read more about the growth of the planets in the red line. Don’t forget! It is getting warmer on our planet, because we are all a subject to the Galactic summer! Accept this universal cycle. The sold „esoteric change“ and the „Planet X, Nibiru, etc. Story“ is a big joke and must be checked carefully. You couldn’t hide a planet with such a big size.

9th The volcanic activity is growing now more and more in the galactic summer, and the magnitudes are getting stronger. We are the part of it, and must learn that our planet is „alive“ and growing.

10th The Earth loses its oxygen in growth factor – Why? Because the earth always did! The gigantism of prehistoric insects proves us in reverse too! So if oxygen is lost by „metabolism“ by galactic seasons, the CO2 levels rise thus always automatically. The whole story about CO2 is already the biggest lie of the world. To understand this, you don’t have to be a professor. Even every child understands it. We all pay for something that is outside the influence of man. This nonsense must be stopped urgently. Learn more, to understand that creatures are getting smaller, with the rising of CO2.

11th The history of the earth, and also the future must be rewritten. No one told us before this context.  I spend 2 years of time in my work. Now I found the last puzzle-piece. The galactic summer is the big change – for the world, and for everyone of us.

12th Its not a secret in our climate anymore: The antartic is getting greener 

13th The Schumann frequency on the earth will rise because our earth expands by the reasons of physical events. It has nothing to do with the „spiritual awakening“.

14th Humanity can adapt to this new situation. But the body-system needs time. In this context I find out, that chemtrails have the contract to reflect the high solar radiation. Before a high solar maximum comes in, they are spraying. They know about the situation. These patterns of spraying all around earth are all the same. And they are only spraying when the normal clouds are missing! The meaning is clear: normal clouds are like a natural mirror, but when they are „missing“ the solar radiation could come in even more. Chemtrails has the same function like „normal“ clouds. The little particles (aluminium & barium) get in contact with the aerosol and build a big mirror to reflect this problem from outer space. I know chemtrails are bad, but they are the lesser problem. In this „galactic cycle“ humanity needs and finds more time to adapt into the new situation. Learn more about Geo-Engeneering: Scientists want to disrupt rainfall patterns. By the way: When many birds are falling from the sky it has a particular and very easy reason, that they are don’t telling you. They were hit by a sun wave of solar radiation! The birds that are flying „above“ the clouds or a chemtrail layer, are particularly vulnerable to these events, even though when clouds are missing. I don’t really know what is really happening with the birds pinal glands, I think their magnetic orientation is confused or they get powerless. It has always the same pattern. I found out that these things and actions are definitely connected! Humanity has not such a big problem with their pinal gland, because they eat even more flourid. Flourid inhibits the pinal gland. You can find flourid in toothpaste or in bad fastfood. Learn more about it in this film. If you want to learn more about the chemtrail science, please visit my german detailed explanation about chemtrails and haarp. (please use google translate to understand that chemtrails reflect the high magnetic coronal mass ejections from the sun; I’m too busy to explain everything in english language.) please visit: Chemtrails for Dummies

15th You are asking yourself: Is Haarp a weather weapon? No! These are just standing magnetic fields.  Chaotic and standing magnetic fields are always the result from low magnetic change. In this galactic cycle the dipole of the strong magnetic north and south of our earth sometimes is resolved. Sometimes six or eight low magnetic fields are migrating over the planet.  Sometimes you can see them through the clouds. Now you know: at first you have to understand about the history of our earth and the galactic system. And then you can ask the question about chemtrails and haarp. You can see that the answers are coming in your mind in a different but logical way. My personal curiosity tells me: Sometimes it’s better not to wake up! Please visit my Chemtrail and Haarp explanation. You will find the last connection to „why in the world“ they are spraying!?

16th The face of the galactic Summer: Bird and Bees are coming back much earlier

17th The nuclear power must be shut down! As soon as possible man should leave this energy. The galactic summer is causing earthquakes. Every year they will be more violent and can destroy our power plants. The destruction would be devastating. Fukushima was just the beginning. All plants that are build on subduction zones in this world are in danger! A high level radioactive extent can endanger all humanity in evolution. Man is „forced“ to convert to free energy! Please stand up and insist on free energy! 

18th What is the end of time? The end of time (21st of December 2012) is not the end of the world. The end of „time“ of TerenceMc Kenna is very simple to understand. Because the 21st of December is the „switch point“ of the OLD TIME from 24 hours per day. From 22nd of December the day maybe will be 24 hours and 05 Minutes long. Or Maybe 24 hours and 10 Minutes per day. Some years later maybe 25 hours. The stretching and growing of the earth is speeding up in the galactic summer. Time will not be the same like in our „frozen“ time. The world melted already up from the galactic winter. From the switchpoint (21st of December) our planet is forced to speed up in growing more then ever before! The earth will stop growing, when it reaches the next galactic arm. This will be in 9 billion years! This is what the code from Terence will tell us – The law of conversation of momentum is growing with the size of the earth and all other planets in our solar system. In future a day is not 24 hours long! That’s it! This is the end of time! We all can throw away your wristwatch! Think about it. If you have a radio controlled wristwatch, you have to accept that the time in this watch is „controllable“. Even the computer watch is controllable. Wake up, they are stealing us the time witch this time management watches, and kept us away from our awakening. Although the days are getting longer. Maybe you understand now: The radiocontrolled watches can be controlled in future by leapseconds and „leapminutes“. The 24 hours are dead! Please use google translate and learn more from my article about the Mayacode and the end of time at 21st of december 2012. With the growing earth and the galactic summer you learned a big piece of science. Now it will be very simple for you to understand the mayacode. Please connect the dots for yourself. Read my german version and use google translate for a better understanding. Switch to the german language at the top of this article.

19th Some people recognize the fact, that the sunset is in the wrong place. They even don’t know how this could happen. But its really simple! The law of conversation of momentum of our earth is bigger then ever before. It is clear that the sunset has shifted. Watch this Youtube Video at 1:00 minute and learn what happens with the sun. Also watch this Youtube Video. The Inuit people recognize the fact that something has changed with the sun, too. Now you know what it is – It’s not Planet X or Nibiru. All this expanding on our earth and on every other planet is caused by the universe itself in the galactic summer! We have to accept these facts in 2012. The rising CO2 leaves its fingerprint, with the growing of the earth. The puzzle pieces perfectly fits in another.

20th You couldn’t follow my context? Then come over and checkout my presentation

21th The sun also has a high magnetic effect on the earth, when its more activ. India got a massive blackout on 30th of Juli 2012. Compare for yourself my entries in the golden line from this date, and the date from 12th of Juli and 8th of Juli 2012. The patterns are simple an clear: When the sun is high active, and when it shots coronal mass ejections to our earth blackouts are coming. The electricity of the sun is always detonating in our power supply system. Its acting like a lightning rod.

22 Please also watch at these photos from the last 3 years, read the text and compare the pictures for yourself: You will see that someting is happening with the earth axis.

Task / The Evidence

The expansion and reorganization of the sun in its chemistry already can be seen. In this present age the sun is rather „white“. If you have memories of the good old days, you know that the color of the sun was „yellow“. Please go into nature and look at the sun. (Please protect yourself and use special sunglasses)

Note: I translate my german text with my school-english. It’s not so good – sorry! I hope the meaning is now clear for you, what’s going on. We don’t have a money problem on earth. They can print everytime money when they need it. The bigger problem is: no one can turn back time. The galactic summer is here  and is the invisible elephant that no one is smelling or seeing. The strong earthquakes and all the heavy rains since last year all around the globe tells us this story. Please learn once again about the content of the film and accept that our planet is „growing“ in the galactic summer. Now we are all witness of the signs of this time. We all have to „accept“ this galactic cycle. If you don’t understand a word in the red or golden „Line“ please use google translate. If you want to learn more about the galactic summer, then switch to my german article, and find more interesting Links. I researched two years about this galactic phenomenon, please help me to spread this news. Everybody must learn. For all the compilation I researched the weather in my private time about two years. All the puzzle pieces fits perfectly into an other. Whenever you have questions or informations please contact me. Also get in touch if you’ve won your own knowledge about this phenomenon. Please always keep an eye to the sun.


Goldständer sends special thanks to: Dutchsinse, SuspicousObservers, Nibirumagick2012Neal Adams, Poleshift.ning, Pinksapphiret, Foster Gamble, Nassim Haramein, Henrik Svensmark, Danny Wilten, Terence Mc Kenna, to Myself and to the world! Dear hard working souls on Youtube, the Internet and all other divines: Thank you to you all. Without you I would have never found the last puzzle piece. We are all one consciousness and we are all connected.


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2012 and the big change – Follow the Galactic Summer in the  Golden Line 




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